Campany Profile

     The company has accumulated plentiful professional experience among electronic circle. Since the establishment, the company has been possessing the managerial belief of “offering faithful service as the promise of the clients' satisfaction”.

In order to ensure the completion of quality control, the company cautiously monitors the stages from the import of the materials, the fulfillment of the product, and the delivery to the clients. Thus the company expects to upgrade the quality of processing. The company further tightly cooperates with the clients to maintain the superb standard of the quality of the products.


“The perfect quality of service will be the first impression we leave you”
Hung Te not only regards itself as the supplier but also the partner of the clients.

Thus Hung Te can frequently corporate with the clients and further recognize the clients' needs. The clients would realize that Hung Te can play the role as a bridge for them when upgrading technology.


We expect your support and suggestion which will allow Hung Te to make further progress and improvement.

Main products  the design of electronic products, development, model processing, processing of SMT business.

Main equipment  KE-730, KE-750, KE-770, KE-2010, KE-2060L High speed flexible mounter, reflow machine, loader, SMD soldering pot, DIP soldering pot, MTC TR6D switch.

Compound professional processing of the product.